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Big suppliers feel pressure to share r&d costs

Europe's metal-bending giant Gestamp is growing, and so are customer expectations that the supplier will help shoulder development costs.

Take steps to increase dealership foot traffic

By tracking visits, loyalty and crossover, auto brands can devise better ways to get shoppers to visit their stores.

Land Rover readies its revamped Defender

The British SUV brand's product blitz comes amid stiff competition.

Top safety pick also accident prone

The top 10 vehicles cited by Insurify include 7 vehicles from Japanese brands and only 1 from a Detroit automaker.

Congress can't leave AV rules on autopilot

When Congress returns, it needs to dig in and craft regulations that balance the desire for progress with the need for safety.



Audi (12)
Cadillac (2)
Chevrolet (9)
Dodge (3)
Ford (18)
Hyundai (2)
Jeep (7)
Mercedes-Benz (3)
Nissan (18)
Volkswagen (27)